marco rinaldi


Bio-Material In a context where sustainability plays an increasingly central role, our material emerges as a promising option for those seeking innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Its adaptability and distinctive characteristics make it not only a cutting-edge product but also a tangible contribution to building a more sustainable future. POMEGRANATE FOOD WASTE   The material… Continua a leggere Bio-Material

Bike Rack

La Linea bike rack La Linea è una rastrelliera modulare per biciclette e monopattini elettrici,  che con un design semplice rende facile da capire gli obiettivi progettuali. MOODBOARD OBJECTIVE Modular Like if it’s a single piece Recognizable Functional CONCEPT   MATERIAL Stainless steels are corrosionresistant due to the phenomenon of passivation. Elements present in stainless… Continua a leggere Bike Rack