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transformable sound-absorbing bed

Dozee is a transformable bed capable of growing with the child taking care of him, improves the quality of sleep and increases concentration in the study phase, thanks to the sound-absorbing sides. The sides of the bed are in fact made of acoustic metamaterial; they differ from other sound absorbing panels because they are made of recycled plastic, allowing the system to be more sustainable than currently existing products. The panels are based on the physics of mechanical structures known as phononic crystals, artificial structures based on the repetition of a unit cell, designed to maximize sound insulation. The cot will accompany the child until the second childhood, when he will start going to school to turn into a desk for the last time.



The concept of well-being is transversal to every area in which it is to be analyzed. There is material / economic well-being, relational / psychological well-being, physical well-being, mental well-being, organizational well-being at work, social well-being, cultural well-being, nutritional well-being, spiritual well-being, environmental well-being.



Acoustic well-being is the condition in which a subject is not disturbed in his activity by the presence of other sounds and does not suffer damage to the hearing system caused by more or less prolonged exposure to noise sources.
Noise protection is a primary requirement; exposure to noise, in fact, causes psychological disturbance and hinders the normal activities of a human being, reducing their performance and ability to concentrate.



The acoustic condition is another determining factor. But be careful, don’t make the mistake of believing that the less noise there is, the better you can sleep. It is almost the opposite. In practice, if we eliminate all the surrounding noises, it is very likely that those annoying us will hear more – also because, in addition to soundproofing, it would then be necessary to absorb sound in the closed environment, in order to limit the reverberation. The ideal would be to be able to fall asleep without being woken up at night, a big problem in fact is precisely the noises that are not alert but when we wake up they lead us to interrupt our sleep unnecessarily.



  • Making a convertible bed
  • Modularity
  • Use of acoustic metamaterial
  • Use recycled material
  • Durable over time, giving a second life to the project
  • Price range on the MEDIUM-HIGH market


Since it is a convertible bed, the targets to be taken into consideration were many.
This led me to have to design a product that could transform 3 times to cover the growth phase of the child.
1. cot 0-3 months
2. 4 months-2 years cot
3. bed 2-5 / 6 years

To extend the life of the product, I thought it could make a final transformation by becoming a desk, designed for children who are starting to go to school, and need a place to study. The desk is an object that has no age, because it can be used by any user.
4. desk



Phononic Vibes is an Italian company, which has been awarded by the European Commission for their product and their research on metamaterials and how to apply them in the industrial field. The technology is based on a subset of metamaterials called «phononic metapanels». The panels are based on the physics of mechanical structures known as phononic crystals, artificial structures selected on the repetition of a unit cell, designed to maximize sound insulation.



The cradle is the first conformation of the project that targets children ranging from 0 up to 3 months of age.
There are two accessories that can be used with the cradle, the first is a mobile for children while the second is a curtain to cover the baby during the daily nap.



The parent of the child will be able to purchase an “arm” that fits into the panels by means of a handle. This arm has a raised area in the upper part where you can tie the jacket through the loop of the cable.



The first conformation of the cot goes from 4 months up to 2 years.
Having this composition, the parent can choose whether to keep the covers on all sides or customize the bed to his liking, leaving one or more parts
discoveries. The parent is advised to remove two modules when the
child begins to walk independently to improve access to the cot.


During the third transformation the cot becomes a bed for children ranging from 3 to 5/6 years old, this is because the needs of the children change and they need a place to study. Also in this case, the parent or child will be free to keep the covers on the sides or not, or even remove a couple of panels to improve access.




The desk is Dozee’s latest transformation, which will continue to grow with the child without having a time limit to use it. linings; maintaining the ability to absorb the noises that in this case would devalue the child during the study.



With the desk you have the possibility to reuse the “arm”, accessory of the cradle and use it as if it were a table lamp.

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