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ambient lamp

Innovation adds value to the present to shape the future we want to live in, designing innovation means offering a better alternative to what we already have. In the project it is added to a simple belonging object that offers a return to the past, which helps man to respect himself, with this assumption I decided to present ETERE.


It nourishes man, space and the entire planet, marks the rhythms of our life and has direct influences on our health.
in the past man lived his days marked by natural light, however with the introduction of electricity the rhythms have been altered. The more hectic and fast contemporary lifestyle has negatively affected habits, many people complain of memory loss, attention deficit and stress.

To obtain improvements, it is necessary to return to respect for the circadian cycle, the complex mechanism that regulates the biological rhythms of living beings in tune with the environment.




After carrying out careful research on human disorders correlated with the circadian cycle, insomnia is the most common.
For this reason, the change in light throughout the day is closely related to the hours of the day; so I decided to go and design a lamp that can “move” like a sun.

  • intuitivity
  • essentiality
  • grab the user’s attention
  • trust between product and user
  • look at the past while innovating
  • educate the user
  • design Thinking e design Feeling 

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